About the creator: Born August 27th, 1985, Patrick Lee is an alumnus of the University of California, Irvine, and currently Partner Relations Coordinator at Legacy Interactive. A good-natured albeit lazy kind of guy, his hobbies include surfing the internet, gaming, cartooning, and writing about himself in the third person. He has a good number of years experience with comics and cartoons, well before Unlife Online, though most of that work was and never will be published because it sucked. Future plans include becoming a well-established writer/editor. Or possibly some kind of drunkard. Probably the latter.
About the comic: Unlife Online is about a group of online friends and their daily antics in online chat rooms. This group of geeks that refers to each other by their net aliases all met on a forum by the name of 'Random Insanity' on the gaming website GameFAQs back in the summer of 2001. Unlife Online is actually a "spin-off" of an older comic that was about this message board, aptly named "Unlife in RI". The comic was a success in some respects, but an utter failure of an experiment in most, especially when it deviated from a gag-strip and tried to be an action/comedy adventure. Thus, the project was permanently scrapped and Unlife Online was born in 2003. Though it started as quite a lackadaisical project, Unlife Online now updates weekly monthly yearly sometimes?

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