Here you can find some info on the people in this comic.

Net Alias: MadKatt15 (MK)

The creator of the comic. He's sarcastic, witty, intelligent, sexy, strong, and the best damn guy you'll ever meet. And he's modest, too! He's also rather lazy so don't expect too many updates.

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: Angelman (Angel)

Silky, sexy, smooth, and cool. A man of awe and mystery. Usually subject to MK's movie theories and jokes. Also, what's the deal with that shirt?

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: Charlie Duck (Charkie, Chaz, Chuck, Duck Dinner)

Used to be a duck, but recently evolved into a full human character. Also subject to MK's bad jokes.

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: DemonAngel28 (DA)

The only girl that's lasted through our many chats. That must say something about her. Possibly bisexual.

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: Evil Mario (EM, Mr. Swoon)

Used to be a custom game sprite, but now a fully drawn character! Somewhat. And yes, he's very evil.

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: Veryslightlymad (VSM)

Cynical, but the good kind. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: Atomic Fishy (Fishy, AF)

He's crazy, man. I mean, he's a giant walking, talking atomic fish. What else you want?

Chat Status: Returned from the dead and now dead again

Net Alias: Duelist (Miggy)

DA's boyfriend and not a young Barrack Obama. Though he may or may not be running for President.

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: E Third (E)

What can be said about E that hasn't been said already? Oh wait, nothing really has been said yet.

Chat Status: Active

Net Alias: Calypso (Caly)

One sexy-ass man. In the marines, currently at the rank of "Ninja". He's got mad skillz, yo.

Chat Status: MIA

Net Alias: Man5iac
(5, Fivey)


Chat Status: ...

Net Alias: ValkyrieKaelia (Kaelia, Kae)

A kid-genius. She likes my art. Don't touch her hair.
Co-founder of ROFLcon.

Chat Status: MIA

Net Alias: PlatformerMastah (PM)

Big Nintendo fan and overall gamer. Well read in ways to deal with Metroids.

Chat Status: Never did like chats

Net Alias: KnightofNee (KoN)

According to him, he still can't spell. Avid role-playing gamer and Monty Python fan. Also quite fond of his hat and is a root beer-aholic.

Chat Status: MIA

Net Alias: Bob the Cow (Bob)

"Cows are Bob", as someone once put it. How can a cow be male, you ask? That's what we've been wondering for years. It's best not to think about it.

Chat Status: MIA

Net Alias: MiraiOtaku (Mirai, Dr. Mirai)

Quite infamous for dressing up as a doctor and administering rat poison as medicine. A character to be used only in situations involving rat poison and nothing more.

Chat Status: MIA, possibly dead from rat poison

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