[08-22-2008]: I'll be 23 this coming Wednesday (08-27). Meh.

[04-01-2008]: Well, it's April 1st. You know what that means. Here's to three full years of (mostly) regular updates.

[03-14-2008]: My God, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is going to take over my life.

[10-09-2007]: Yeah... there ain't gonna be a comic today. Vegas was fun though. Check back on Friday.

[08-24-2007]: Oh right. I'll be 22 on Monday.

[07-06-2007]: Transformers = awesome.

[05-09-2007]: My grandfather passed away today. I'm sad, but not too sad. I mean, he was 97 years old and led a long, happy life. God rest his soul.

[05-04-2007]: Spiderman 3 is hands-down the number one comedy of 2007.

[03-30-2007]: This Sunday is April Fool's Day. Which means that it's the second "anniversary" of Unlife Online. Here's to two years full of regular updates.es!

[01-12-2007]: Happy New Year and all that jazz. I could have mentioned this earlier, but I am now a member of Comicspace. You can find me here.

[07-02-2006]: There is now a forum. Go register and post.

[6-28-2006]: Welp, seems like I'll be heading to Anime Expo down in Anaheim this year for one day only: Saturday, July 1st. Just as a regular attendee of course, not an invited guest. Just thought I'd let you know. Maybe I'll make a comic about it.

[06-23-2006]: Well, looks like I'm gonna scrap that comic I promised you guys. Honestly, it wasn't that good anyway. The art was going to be among my best, but there was no real punchline and I couldn't think of one in all this time. I might bring it back later since I did work on it a bit, but I'd have to write a new script.

[06-09-2006]: Hmm, not the comic I wanted to put up today, but I still think it's a good one. Anyway, the ambitious one I started last week might not get finished until after my finals. Keep a look out!

[06-02-2006]: Cheap four-panel comic for today, though it does concern an inside-joke of our chats. Honestly, I've been annoyed at the lack of quality in my comics as of late so I decided to undertake an ambitious project. But I started way too late last night and changed it halfway through to the current comic. But fret not! There will be awesomeness next week. I promise! (Unless the two essays I have due interfere, but they shouldn't).

[05-27-2006]: I must retract my opinions from yesterday's comic. X3 was terrible.

[05-12-2006]: Click here for my full report on E3. (No longer available).

[05-11-2006]: As promised, a special E3 comic. I'll probably be doing a formal report on E3 later today or tomorrow.

[05-10-2006]: Whoops! Forgot to mention that I'll be at E3 again this year, but for today (Wednesday) only. There may be an E3 sketch tomorrow followed by a regular strip on Friday. Squee! E3 goodness ahoy!

[05-05-2006]: It's not that I really hate the Wii. It's that I like going on rampages. Anyway, happy Cinco de Mayo and Online Comics day.

[02-03-2006]: Two things: firstly, today's comic will be up later today because I had a lot of homework to do last night. Secondly, a fan made a website and titled it after one of my comics! Though it doesn't actually have anything to do with my comic, check it out at http://www.gayforlegolas.4t.com/

[12-31-2005]: Welp! I've finally moved Unlife from Keenspace.com. You better update your links, the new address is now http://unlifeonline.comicgen.com/. Though I believe keenspace should still redirect it to this page anyway. Oh, and Happy New Year and stuff.

[12-16-2005]: Kong was a good movie. But it seriously didn't need to be that long.

[09-26-2005]: Finally shortened my long-ass news box. For those who care to look, there's now an archive of my news posts. Link below. Also, I'm getting rid of the footer for my comics. It's annoying to add and is way too big for just a couple lines of artist comments. Header stays, though.

[09-23-2005]: Huh. My comic about We Love Katamari's release date is off. It's already out. Last time I trust IGN for release information.

[09-02-2005]: About four days ago, my grandmother passed away. I know this isn't the best place to say this kind of stuff, but may God rest her soul.

[08-26-2005]: It's my birthday tomorrow =D

[08-19-2005]: Pretty soon I'm gonna have to change the header URL to "comicgenesis" instead of "keenspace". Stupid *grumble* changes *grumble* damn kids and their music.

[07-08-2005]: Okay, back on schedule. And whoo! I'm not failing out of college afterall. Go me.

[06-10-2005]: Though Unlife Online will still update regularly on Fridays, I will also sometimes randomly update during any given day. The comic posted on Tuesday, for example, is a random update.

[05-20-2005]: E3 was great, but now I must say goodbye to it. Oh well, it was fun abusing my Media powers while it lasted.

[05-16-2005]: Going to be very busy this week. Unlife Studios (i.e.: me) is going to E3 again this year. This time I'll see about making comic sketches about stuff I see there. Also, Star Wars Episode III is coming out and I shall be seeing the midnight showing. Hopefully there'll still be an update on Friday. Finally, I've been meaning to do a new site layout for a while now, but nothing has come to mind yet...

[04-29-2005]: New header and footer for the comic. Makes it more chat-like, yes?

[04-01-2005]: This is no April Fool's joke. Unlife Online will now be updated weekly, on Fridays. That is all.

[03-21-2005]: Guest comic week! Today until Thursday there will be guest comics from our lovable cast members. First up is EM, then Charlie, then Fishy, and finally Angel. Then there will be a new comic by me on Friday. Uh, hopefully.

[01-02-2005]: Sorry about no Holiday Special. I was working on one, but it will never see the light of day because it sucks. I do have a treat for you though. I made an animated intro movie in Flash for the comic! You can find it here.

[12-10-04]: Unlife is now part of the dropdown list called "LazySpace" and boy do I sure belong there. Anyway, linkage is below.

[11-25-04]: I just now realized that Unlife Online has been online for almost a year now. And I've only done about 12 comics or so. TIME TO PICK UP THE SLACK.

[07-21-04]: Surprise, surprise. Another comic already. Well, kinda. Anyway, cast page is updated. Now you can tell who's who.

[04-20-04]: Happy Weed Day.

[02-19-04]: Decided to stop working on the crappy China vacation strips. They got boring.

[12-13-03]: Ah yes, the opening of my brand-spanking, kinda-new webcomic. The site design at the moment is temporary, and if you're lucky, I'll get off my lazy ass and design a nice, neat background. But for now, enjoy the comics, and since it's the right season: Happy Holidays!

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